We are a growing community* of women and allies united by the inclusive spirit of soccer. Together we connect, inspire, and empower women on and off the field.


Women who love soccer love soccer, and our passion for the game unites us. We’ve all felt the joyful disbelief upon learning that an old teammate, coach, or friend knows the woman who just moved across the country and joined our local pick-up game or league. Even if we no longer play the game, it will always be a part of our identity.

But despite this kinship, women who work in and around soccer often find themselves isolated when pushing against gender barriers. Why? Coach, sports psychologist, and WIS founder Courtney Levinsohn has been asking this question for a while.

Enter WIS team member Tracy Hamm, a trailblazer in coaching. When Tracy was denied the opportunity to pursue a top-tier license, she did it anyway. Determined to draw attention to the obstacles Tracy faced as a woman, Courtney produced the documentary short Coach. As the duo toured the film around the world they quickly learned how many women saw themselves in Tracy— isolated and underestimated in male spaces. Ebru Köksal, CEO of Women in Football UK, was one of them. She encouraged Courtney to create a network to support people who want to see women fairly represented in male-dominated industries like soccer.

Then the U.S. women’s national team won the 2019 World Cup, and support for the sport exploded. When the beloved squad, its fans, and women in the industry used soccer to demand equal pay, LGBTQI+ inclusion, and racial diversity, Courtney knew the time was right to take action.

The result is Women in Soccer, a free network that connects ALL women who love the game. Regardless of income or geography, the community is a hub of resources and ensures everyone can access the support of pioneering women and allies. We want our members to experience the transformative power of soccer without judgment or prejudice. So whether you’re on the field, cheering from the stands, work in the business, aspire to work in the business, or are a passionate changemaker, WIS is for you.

Welcome to the squad!


Uniting ALL types of women and marginalized folks is what makes WIS powerful. An inclusive culture gives us the freedom to be unapologetically ourselves and celebrate the diversity of our community. We will not tolerate any exclusionary language, commentary, or behavior on our platform.
Whether we’re supporting teammates on the field, cheering in the stands, or spearheading a meeting to get our fair share in pay, our passion carries us forward. Passion sustains our desire to use the game to elevate women.
Taking action is at the heart of all progress. A key part of developing individually or as a culture is believing in the importance of action. This mindset is at WIS’s core. Basically, we’re proactive as hell, so if you’re looking to create change you’re in the right place.
The willpower of the women’s soccer community is what keeps us going. Championing gender equity isn’t easy, but we’ll never give up. This determination is why WIS will transcend a moment. We know hard work will create a culture that represents us all.

Meet the Team

Women in Soccer is founded by many types of women (and allies) who love this beautiful game. The COVID-19 pandemic only brought us closer together and intensified our determination to build a community rooted in access, social responsibility and opportunities. From coaches to activists, agents to marketers, our crew came together to bring you WIS.

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