Brooklyn City F.C has a unique club culture that uses the beautiful game to unify all of Brooklyn’s diverse micro-communities. The club fosters a supportive and professional environment with multiple entry points so that there is a place for everyone to play. Brooklyn City F.C. puts community first and ensures that everyone is treated equally regardless of their background or starting point as a player.


The Brooklyn City F.C. women’s first team will represent Brooklyn and NYC women’s soccer on a national level, while also providing a pinnacle to the Brooklyn City F.C. women’s development path. The first team reflects the club’s deep commitment to supporting girls’ and women’s soccer. The first team will compete in the East division of United Women’s Soccer, a national second-tier league for competitive women players, including college players, aspiring and former professionals, and international stars.  The United Women’s Soccer league season runs from May through July, culminating in a national playoff and championship match.


The Brooklyn City F.C. coaching staff will be led by Head Coach Kim Wyant, current head coach of the NYU men’s soccer team.  Wyant has vast coaching experience with high-level women’s programs, most recently coaching teams at NYAC and Long Island Lady Riders.  Wyant is also a former goalkeeper with the US women’s national team!

Above: Kim Wyant playing for the USWNT


At the start of 2021, WIS supported BCFC in the launch of the Women’s Super League – Brooklyn, which aims to provide a consistent competitive outlet for women in NYC.

At the 2021 WIS Career Fair representatives from Brooklyn F.C. supported the WIS community by leading table discussions for aspiring professionals looking for leadership advice in coaching, and/or youth club management. Brooklyn F.C. is an incredible organization and their career advice is not to be missed! Continuing our collaboration in 2022, WIS hosted an inclusive pickup welcoming all queer, non-binary and women players to come out and play with the support of Brooklyn City F.C. and Ida Sports. Stay tuned for what’s next to come!