Women in Soccer Teams Up With Pixstory to Fight Online Toxicity and Promote Equality


Pixstory is a new social media platform committed to transparency, integrity and the spread of fact-based information. Pixstory addresses a critical gap in existing social media spaces by creating a platform that is reliable, safe, and evidence-based. What makes Pixstory such a trailblazer in the social space is that the platform uses a multi-dimensional post structure that allows users to challenge inaccuracies or abuse as well as support quality content. Download the Pixstory app, follow Women in Soccer’s profile (WomeninSoccer) and enjoy an inclusive online space.  


For the Equal Playing Field Equality Summit 2022, WIS teamed up with Pixstory to promote the app’s mission of providing a platform for athletes to express themselves safely online. Social media has become a powerful part of our sports industry but it is often abused to the detriment of our athlete’s mental well-being. During the 2-day long summit, WIS brought Pixstory’s app of using photos to tell cultivated stories on specific topics or issues to life. Attendees snapped a polaroid holding a specific word summing up an issue in soccer; allyship, inclusion, pay & prizes, wellness, storytelling, or Title IX. We then added dozens of smiling changemakers’ polaroids to a board, and asked people to connect with their fellow teammates and develop a 6-word story around their topic. The stories were thoughtful, smart and impactful…we’d expect nothing less from our barrier-breaking soccer community! Do you recognize any of the folks in these Pixstory polaroids? 


Of the collaboration, Appu Esthose Suresh, Founder of Pixstory said: “We are truly delighted to join hands with Women in Soccer. Together with Women in Soccer’s continuous efforts to connect, inspire and empower women on and off the field, we are sure that in unison, we can create a behavioral change and reduce abuse and hate speech.” 


Keep your eyes peeled on the WIS channels and subscribe to the WIS mailing list to be the first to see the announcement about the next WIS x Pixstory collaboration. “One of our core purposes [at WIS] is to uplift people working in the beautiful game who have been disadvantaged and help give them a chance to be seen, heard and supported,” said Rachel LaSala, WIS Managing Director. “Safe, judgment-free spaces for telling stories and sharing experiences is what we want more of, especially for people historically marginalized. Pixstory is helping to create a space like this with their new platform. It’s already been a pleasure working with Pixstory at the EPF Equality Summit, and we look forward to the future collaborations that will help our members feel seen–stay tuned!” 

Learn more about the WIS and Pixstory collaboration in the official Pixstory press release.