This week, we’re celebrating a year of Women In Soccer! We want to thank YOU, our trailblazing members, for your love of the game and your commitment to making the industry inclusive through the work you do on and off the field. WIS members are officially in 42 out of 50 states and we are hyped to see how the network has grown! If you know someone who wants the soccer industry to become more inclusive then encourage them to join the network. They’d be the perfect fit for the squad! 

As a network, we support every way of being a part of the soccer community. Check out these testimonials to find out what our different member types think of the network:

Expert Member 

“I’d like to think my experiences can lend a hand to other women, on and off the field. I joined WIS as an Expert Member to not only facilitate conversations but to encourage the collaboration of people with different unique talents and skillsets. Hosting Brandi’s Corner allows me to engage with other changemakers and grow myself.” 

Brandi Chastain, WIS Expert Member

Expert Member

“I’m excited to be a part of Women in Soccer because there are unlimited possibilities for women if we push and create them together. We could make job opportunities, of course, but also webinars, workshops, and community-led initiatives. It’s about connecting people who can put their expertise forward to make something better for us all!”

Aries Pickett, WIS Expert Member

Community Member

“I really enjoy being part of the Women In Soccer community for the things it offers its members. Everything from networking opportunities, to virtual workshops like Brandi’s Corner. As a sports photographer, surrounding myself with like-minded people who spread positivity and empower other women in the fields which they have chosen is very important for me, and that is exactly what WIS does. I have gained so much more confidence by being part of this amazing community!”

Sandra Velez-Lopez, WIS Community Member 

Ally Member

“After attending the WIS launch party I dove into the network to find a candidate whose insight could help strengthen support for Atlantic FC’s new women’s team and the club’s community culture. Women in Soccer is a hub of talented women and we are thrilled to have hired one of their members, Andrea Pilar.”

 – David Goldstein, WIS Ally Member


“We are thrilled to partner with Women In Soccer as the USL looks for more ways to support women aiming to play, watch and work in soccer. The USL family of clubs has shown a strong desire to enhance the status of the women’s game and we look forward to working with an organization like Women In Soccer who will help us to achieve our goals.”

Betsy Haugh, USL Director of Operations⁠

We’ve grown a lot in a year and we’ll keep getting bigger and better with YOU in mind. If you have anything you want to suggest or an area we can improve on then email us, DM us, write a love letter to us…we want to hear from you! [email protected]

Stay rad!

The WIS Team xoxo