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At the 2024 WIS Career Fair, we hosted our first-ever coaching-specific career events. Throughout events, you heard from trailblazing coaches and met with recruiters eager to hire WIS members for their squads. Keep leveling up your professional game by diving into this multi-media 2024 Career Fair for Coaches Toolkit. You’ll find everything from event panel […]

An issue that all businesses must always grapple with, is classifying the individuals performing work. Generally, there are two (2) types of individuals performing work: (1) Independent Contractors (1099) and (2) Employees (W-2). Some businesses see independent contractors as a beneficial classification for many reasons, namely the business does not have to pay employment taxes […]

Hey squad, huddle in and join us in giving the warmest welcome to Grace Ahrens, our newest addition to the WIS HQ family! We’re thrilled to announce Grace as the Executive Director of Women in Soccer, where she’s now your go-to teammate for everything concerning the daily running of our network. Whether you have questions […]


Lisa, can you tell us about SoccerEX and why it was important to you to be there?  SoccerEx is a global soccer networking event providing leading soccer professionals with a platform to strengthen business relationships that will enhance the game. At this year’s event, there were a lot of unforgettable moments for me! I think […]

A common misconception is that individuals paid on a salary basis are not entitled to overtime. Another common miscommunication is that if an employee earns a high salary, then that exempts them from earning overtime. Both of these misconceptions are governed by the FLSA.  Lately, the Fair Labor Standards Act has been in the news. On September […]

By: Susie Cirilli, Labor & Employment Shareholder, Flaster Greenberg and Jennifer Johnson, Real Estate Shareholder, Flaster Greenberg Soccer is seeing unprecedented expansion in the U.S., on both the men’s and women’s side.  As discussed in previous blogs professionalizing the women’s game is vital to its survival.  A crucial piece of this is real estate.  As […]


“Tough Coaches” at the professional level or college level garner reputations on their own. As sports become more professional and retain a formal structure, it is essential for clubs to understand the line between a “tough coach” and a “hostile work environment.”  HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT BASICS Elements As always, let’s begin with the basics. In […]

Equal Pay is a consideration that affects all industries. Employers must ensure that their enterprise is organized and operating in accordance with the Equal Pay Act (EPA). This blog focuses on the professional sport arena – specifically soccer (translation “football”). Now, Equal Pay applies to all employees; however, this article discusses the specific issue of […]


Name: Michelle RaynerTeam: Lexington SCJob title: Women’s First Team Head Coach and Sporting Director What’s your favorite soccer memory? That’s a loaded question; there are so many to choose from, both on the playing and the coaching side! Playing memories would definitely be participating in the first Women’s World Cup in 1991 in China. Second to […]

The 2023 Women’s World Cup lived up to the immense hype and more, smashing records and cementing its place as the biggest event in women’s soccer history! Throughout the summer, we spotlit 11 soccer industry trailblazers who worked tirelessly to make the tournament such a triumph for women’s soccer. In our WWC23 Starting XI Behind […]

Joint Statement from the Organizers of the 2023 Equality Summit  Three days before the FIFA Women’s World Cup Final, we co-hosted an Equality Summit in Gadigal (Sydney), Australia to discuss critical issues facing women, girls, and equity at large in football. Player safety and security was a topic we discussed at length.  We ended the […]

With the biggest event in women’s sporting history as its backdrop, our squad embarked on an adventure “down under” to co-host the 2023 Equality Summit in the Women’s World Cup host city of Sydney, Australia, located on the traditional land of the Indigenous Gadigal people. Alongside Equal Playing Field, Women Onside, the United States State […]

Name: Kacey Anderson (Kacee)Pronouns: She/HerIndustry Position: EA Sports Ambassador & Content Creator Social handles: @CHI_Kacee on all platforms What’s your favorite thing about working in soccer?My favorite part about working in soccer is the amazing community that comes with supporting the sport. The competitive nature and bonds I have created with other fans have helped […]

Name: Katelyn KrebsbachPronouns: She/HerIndustry Position: Brand Manager/DesignerOrganization/ Team: U.S. Soccer Federation What’s your favorite thing about working in soccer?I love being part of a team. I played soccer growing up, so I have always had a love for the game. Now, I get to discuss games at work with people who are just as excited […]

Name: Susie Dole-HewittIndustry Position: Manager, Special EventsOrganization/ Team: U.S. Soccer Social handles: suzejayy, Susie Dole-Hewitt What’s your favorite thing about working in soccer?My favorite thing about working in soccer has been understanding and contributing to a fairly hidden part of the industry. Beyond what happens on the pitch, an operational team behind the scenes makes it […]

Name: Sol FauquierPronouns: She/theyIndustry Position: Gender Equity Lead Organization/ Team: Common GoalMoto: Changing the game by leading gender equity & inclusion projects in grassroots football & beyond!Contact info: Linkedin – Sol Fauquier What’s your favorite thing about working in soccer?Well, I’m European, so let me call it football from now on! Common Goal is a global […]

Name: Melissa OrtizPronouns: She/her Position: Broadcaster with Fox Sports Social Media: @MelissaMOrtiz, melissaortiz5 What’s your favorite thing about working in soccer?My favorite part about working in soccer is being able to enjoy the game from different angles. I grew up on the pitch enjoying the sport. Now, I’m sometimes on the pitch (of course, outside the lines) […]

From youth soccer to professional soccer, players get injured. At the professional level, there are key considerations for clubs to keep in mind when one of their players goes down. Let’s take a look at some of the legal implications when a player goes down… What Happens if a Player Refuses Treatment? We see it […]

Name: Skye ReymondIndustry Position: Director of Data ScienceOrganization/ Team: United States Soccer Federation What’s your favorite thing about working in soccer?I love that working in soccer keeps me connected to the sport that has played such a large role in shaping who I am today. As a former player and coach, I know first-hand the […]

Name: Mariah BullockPronouns: She/her/hersIndustry Position: Sport PsychologistOrganization/ Team: Canadian National Women’s Soccer TeamCatch Phrase: “And how did that make you feel?” ???? JK. What’s your favorite thing about working in soccer? I played soccer growing up, collegiately, and then professionally, so my favorite part about working in soccer is being able to stay involved in the […]

Name: Jackie GutierrezPronouns: She/herIndustry Position: Content Producer Organization/ Team: Women Kick Balls Catch Phrase: Growing the game! Social Handles: Instagram @womenkickballs, Twitter @womenkickballs What’s your favorite thing about working in soccer?There are many things! But it comes down to the people in the soccer community. I’ve met so many people through working in the game -from fans to […]

Name: Tracey ReavisPronouns: She/ HerIndustry Position: Journalist / Writer / Communications ConsultantOrganization: The Savell GroupCatch Phrase: Keep kicking! What’s your favorite thing about working in soccer?Being around others who share my passion for this game. What are you most excited about for the 2023 Women’s World Cup?Wow, there are so many things I’m excited about! […]

Name: Fatima FloresPronouns: She/herIndustry Position: Passionate Matildas Active Support Member, Women Onside Director, Women’s Football Activist Organization/ Team: Matildas Active Support (MAS), Women Onside (WO) What’s your favorite thing about working in soccer? It’s working with other passionate people who love the game and go above and beyond to take women’s football to the next level. I […]

What’s your favorite thing about working in soccer?All the time, I am learning from coaching, like when playing a 4-3-3, what is it about the moment, how do you deal with it in the attack and defending, and so on? All my games are as a teacher. It’s fairly easy to be grateful for my […]

Gráfico en blanco y negro con imágenes de la alineación inicial que Women in Soccer está perfilando en su campaña de la Copa Mundial. Incluye gráficos de balones de fútbol y un cuadrado verde en el centro que dice “COPA MUNDIAL FEMENINA 2023 XI INICIAL DETRÁS DE LOS EQUIPOS: Acceso exclusivo de la industria a lo que se necesita para poner a los equipos en el escenario más grande del fútbol.

La Copa Mundial Femenina de 2023 será uno de los eventos más importantes en la historia del deporte femenino, y nuestra campaña “WWC23 Starting XI Behind The Teams” (XI Inicial Detras de los Equipos de la Copa Mundial Femenina 2023) destacará a los líderes de la industria cuyo trabajo lo hace posible. A través de […]

Black and White Graphic with images of the starting XI lineup Women in Soccer is profiling in their World Cup campaign. Including graphics of soccer balls and a green square in the center that reads “WWC 2023 Starting XI Behind the Teams: Exclusive industry access to what it takes to put teams on soccer's biggest stage.


The 2023 Women’s World Cup will be one of the most significant events in women’s sports history, and our WWC 2023 Starting XI Behind The Teams campaign will shine a spotlight on the industry leaders whose work makes it all possible. Through interviews and social media highlights, we’ll give you exclusive access to what it […]

In this advice series, WIS member and expert employment lawyer Susie Cirilli helps players, staff, and employers “stay onside” when it comes to employment law. Every month, Susie will tackle different topics in the soccer industry related to employment law and give our squad access to information and guidance for their careers in law and […]

Name: Haleigh Svede Pronouns: She/herPostion: Seton Hall University, Women’s Soccer, Director of Soccer Operations and Head Coach at Berkshire Soccer Academy Catchphrase: Be kind. Work hard.  What’s your favorite soccer memory? I have a compilation of so many playing, coaching, and fandoming (is that a word?) moments in my soccer life/world. The biggest ones that stick […]


The WIS Career Fair 2023 was a huge success thanks to YOU, our members, and all of our trailblazing industry experts and hiring personnel. This annual event is the only career fair specifically encouraging and recruiting women and marginalized individuals to work in soccer. Together we’re [re]building the industry by supporting more diverse and inclusive […]


What’s your favorite soccer memory?  My favorite soccer memory would have to be when I was around eight years old and got to tag along with my mom to Nike during ‘take your daughter to work day’ (that is how old I am). During this particular ‘take your daughter to work day’ the programming ended […]


Women in Soccer created the Changemakers Awards alongside the USL to give women and individuals from underrepresented gender identities the recognition they deserve for their incredible impact on soccer culture and the industry as a whole. Hundreds of nominations and votes were submitted — a badass showcase of the many trailblazers out there making a […]


We’re back with another impactful Coffee & Progress event hosted by Candice Fabry, founder of Fearless & Capable. Joining us will be a WIS fan favorite, Kaig Lightner, the founder of Portland Community Football Club and some of the team behind Liberate Sports, Reema Zaman and Jordyn Elliott. Be there to find out how Liberate Sports will erase the gap between privilege and play and be a part of the brand new movement which will launch LIVE on Coffee & Progress with all of you gamechangers!

What’s your favorite soccer memory?  It’s hard to choose, but my favorite soccer memory was going to the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. As soon as I walked into Soccer City stadium for the Ghana vs. Germany match, I instantly felt the electric energy and global love of the game! What do you think […]

What’s your favorite soccer memory? When Sacramento Republic FC won the USL Championship in 2014, our first year as a club. What do you think is the greatest thing about women’s soccer or working in soccer?  Women’s soccer has been experiencing a slow climb over the past few years and has seen an explosion over […]


At WIS, we’re here to see the entire soccer industry level up and coaches are a central piece of that puzzle. Our network is filled with trailblazing coaches ready to offer advice as well as resources that will provide any coach with inspiration to crush their next season. Dive into the WIS Guide to Coaching […]

WIS squad, we need all United Soccer Coaches members to get behind 2023 Board of Directors candidate Sarah Dwyer-Shick. Sarah brings so much to the WIS network and we have no doubt she’ll make a fantastic candidate. WIS Founder Courtney Carroll Levinsohn explains why Sarah deserves your vote: “It is with tremendous pride we endorse […]


Tackling the climate crisis is a team effort and as we move into 2023 we have to keep working together to support the environment. The 2022 Women’s Cup in Louisville set a trailblazing example by becoming the first-ever carbon-neutral pro soccer tournament. WIS member Jan Winter is a cofounder of The Sports Impact Group Louisville […]

The WIS squad is back to present the USL Changemakers Awards 2022! The awards will recognize women and people with other underrepresented gender identities who work for the USL and have improved the soccer industry and USL culture. Look back on the stellar lineup of 2021 Changemakers Awards winners and get thinking about who has […]

Green graphic showing Crystal Cuevas' WIS playercard, and a quote about how she used the network to hire two interns for her company FindHerFootball, and the words "WIS WINS."


Billie Jean King said at the NWSL Score More For Title IX Summit, “We are all influencers.” We believe it, Billie, and at WIS we’re spotlighting the influence we see our members, like Crystal Cuevas, have on supporting the careers of future leaders in this game. Crystal, we’re thrilled you were able to leverage the […]

W League players from around the league with the USL W League logo and the greeting, "Welcome, Players."


Your playercard is live, and you are officially a member of the Women in Soccer network! We’re pumped you’re here. This will serve as your introduction to the platform. Let’s explore what it has to offer. STEP 1: WATCH THE DEMO BELOW TO GET TO KNOW THE PLATFORM As a partner of the W League, […]


The contest for soccer entrepreneurs and organizations is back with a prize pool bigger than ever WIS and the USL are back to host PITCH IT 2022, a competition that awards funds to entrepreneurs and organizations using soccer for social impact. Submissions are due October 31. Get ready to PITCH IT! “We’re excited to present […]


That’s a wrap on the Women in Soccer London adventure! Our squad had an incredible time joining Equal Playing Field at their second Equality Summit. The 2-day event brought together sports leaders from around the world to review challenges and opportunities in women’s soccer. We were fueled to bring “WIS Guided Networking” to the summit […]

WIS x WIF #ReclaimTheGame x #GetOnside

Reclaim: To take back something that was yours. Soccer is the world’s game and that means it belongs to every single person. Our #ReclaimTheGame General Council brought together a trailblazing group of industry leaders earlier in 2022 who shared diverse expertise on how we can work together to create a safer and more inclusive soccer industry. By […]


The WIS Career Fair 2022 was an incredible day for connecting industry changemakers, getting women and marginalized individuals hired, as well as showcasing all the ways you can make a difference in soccer by working in the game! Every WIS member represents an inclusive, forward-thinking future for the soccer industry and we’re stoked you’re here […]


Co-founded by four-time Guinness World-Record holder, entrepreneur and WIS Expert Member, Laura Youngson, IDA Sports is the footwear company our industry desperately needed. Their shoes are designed to accommodate the nuances of the female athlete’s foot because women and girls have waited long enough to be prioritized by sportswear companies. Ida is on a mission […]


“HOW DO I START MY OWN REC LEAGUE?” Last week, members asked, “how do I start my own local recreational league?” Our WIS Experts were on hand to offer a variety of insights on how to run a successful rec league. Read below to get advice from league founders Hannah Kelley (Queer Soccer League), Tarek […]


For #WomensHistoryMonth, we teamed up with Goal Click to tell soccer stories from the perspective of women making their mark in the game, from cheering in the stands to working in the soccer industry. “As a proud ally member of Women in Soccer, we wanted to do what Goal Click does best – hand over […]


RECLAIMING THE GAME TOOLKIT  The #ReclaimTheGame General Council brought together a trailblazing group of industry leaders who shared diverse expertise on how we can work together to create a safer and more inclusive soccer industry. Watch the whole general council event back here.  Reclaiming the game is an ongoing process and we’re honored to work […]


This week, we’re spotlighting how our soccer community is safeguarding players’ wellbeing from youth to pro levels. Dive into this spotlight to learn how the actions of youth club leaders, mental health advocates and industry changemakers have led to positive institutional change as well as highlight the need to keep pushing for a safer soccer […]


This week, we’re spotlighting a crucial and often overlooked aspect of the soccer industry that plays a central role in player safety: The Third Team – referees. Read about the culture of refereeing that Christina Unkel, a FIFA referee and a football laws analyst, is creating in order to prioritize safety for The Third Team […]

The WIS squad showed up to become stronger allies in anti-racism at this past “Coffee and Progress.” Thank you to everyone for your allyship and determination to make sports an inclusive space! As always WIS is about ACTION so check out the event resources designed to educate and promote ways to be anti-racist in soccer. […]

This week, we’re spotlighting a soccer industry first that prioritizes the fertility needs of players in the women’s game. Check out how Racing Louisville FC has set a game-changing precedent by becoming the first team in the NWSL to support new health benefits specifically for players’ fertility. The team’s commitment to the holistic health needs […]


This week, we’re spotlighting how our soccer community is using collective power to demonstrate how we can work together as an industry to push for safety and equity for all players and the wider soccer community. Dive into this spotlight to learn how the collective actions of journalists, grassroots leaders, supporters groups and players have […]

TW – mention of abuse, sexual assault.  Coaches, referees, supporters groups, grassroots leaders and industry changemakers are coming together to show what #ReclaimTheGame means for them. This week, we’re spotlighting players’ stories that demonstrate how we can work together as an industry to uphold safety for players and the wider soccer community.  THE WOMEN OF […]


College sports season can be super rewarding, exciting and overwhelming all at the same time. We want YOU to know that the WIS network can be a resource for you. Lean on us for anything from community, to mental wellness and career development. Here’s how: GET CONNECTED  WIS members are trailblazing coaches, pro players, soccer […]

USL and Women in Soccer at the annual USL Winter Summit

WIS x USL Winter Summit Recap

The WIS squad had a blast at the USL Winter Summit! We connected with fellow industry trailblazers, crowned our PITCH IT and Changemakers Award winners, celebrated USL milestones and learned how to develop self-branding. We’re fuelled by the work WIS and the USL are doing for the future of soccer! PITCH IT, AWARD WINNERS  WIS […]


This week, we’re celebrating a year of Women In Soccer! We want to thank YOU, our trailblazing members, for your love of the game and your commitment to making the industry inclusive through the work you do on and off the field. WIS members are officially in 42 out of 50 states and we are […]


The WIS squad has teamed up with the USL to give entrepreneurs an unmissable chance to get financial support to develop their plans to use the game for positive social change.  Life’s a “pitch,” as every woman and person from a marginalized community in soccer knows. To intervene, we’re hosting a pitch contest with the […]

Name: Candice Fabry Pronouns: She/Her  Position: Founder and owner of Fearless and Capable Catchphrases/sentiments to live by: I’m fearless and capable! What’s your favorite soccer memory? My last college game. Strangely, it was because I knew it would be my last time playing competitively. Basically, we discovered in my freshman year of college that I […]


Allies who support women and marginalized people in the game are crucial to making a more equitable soccer culture. Dive into these WIS action tips and resources to see how we can work together to change the game: PROMOTE GAME-CHANGING CONNECTIONS All of the players you coach or support in the game would benefit from […]


SAVE THE DATE DETAILS HERE! Calling all Portland Members, WIS is hosting our first IN-PERSON, LIVE member social in Portland! August 21 from 2:30 PM – 4:15 PM PDT we’ll be connecting for the first time in person and getting hyped up for the final matches of the WICC! WHERE WE’LL BE: Migration Brewing Rooftop […]


Name: Melissa Ortiz Pronouns: She/her  Position: Former pro player, soccer analyst, social media influencer and co-founder of Kickoff Coffee Co Catchphrases: #TheHustle; “Vamos que vamos”—let’s go, let’s go! Go-to coffee order: Pour over black.  What’s your favorite soccer memory?  My debut with the U20 Colombian National Team and scoring against Germany during the World Cup.  […]

This month during a special edition of Brandi’s Corner hosted at Beyond Soccer, the Beyond Sport event we dove into how to push for positive change in the investment game. Tune in to learn all about being an investor in soccer with Chicago Red Stars owner Sarah Spain, Lewes FC’s Maggie Murphy, and former USWNT player Danielle […]

THE W LEAGUE MISSION The USL has announced their brand new W League which will use women’s soccer as a force for societal good by creating a national platform to increase opportunity, gender equity, and career development initiatives for women. The new league will begin play in 2022 and will provide an elite pre-professional pathway […]


WIS WINS are our way of saying, “Hey Members, you’re crushing it!” And for you to see the amazing impact the network is having on women in and around the game like @andreapilarrrr. JOB HAT TRICK ALERT! Dre is the first in our squad to earn a job hat trick ???? from producing “Swapping Kits with […]

New Mexico United fans at Isotopes Park

   MISSION New Mexico United was founded on the premise of supporting every single New Mexican who loves the beautiful game. The Somos Unidos Foundation diversity program launched in June 2020 to further that exact mission. The aim of the diversity fellowship is to create supportive pathways for women and people of color to thrive […]


Brooklyn City F.C has a unique club culture that uses the beautiful game to unify all of Brooklyn’s diverse micro-communities. The club fosters a supportive and professional environment with multiple entry points so that there is a place for everyone to play. Brooklyn City F.C. puts community first and ensures that everyone is treated equally […]

Meet America SCORES

Above: America SCORES poetry slam Cleveland. MISSION America SCORES is a non-profit with the mission to create equitable opportunities for young people to experience sport, express themselves and inspire positive change on and off the field. Using a social justice youth development framework, America Score emphasizes racial equity, fair play, teamwork and youth voice as […]

Goal Five

Pictured above: Goal Five founders Keely Wachs, Carrie Kessler, and Ann Kletz. MEET GOAL FIVE Goal Five started with the mission to be a sports brand for her. The organization noted that for the longest time, performance apparel had been made with only men in mind. Goal Five puts women first. Their apparel celebrates her […]

Meet Lisa Wrightsman

Name: Lisa Wrightsman  Pronouns: She/hers Position: Managing Director of Sacramento’s Street Soccer USA and the founder of Lady Salamanders. Mantra: “Why not?” I think of this whenever it’s questioned why I do the work I do. What’s your favorite soccer memory?  I’ve had some crazy high moments coaching with Street Soccer players. We have had […]

Member Spotlight: Meet Sandra

    Name: Sandra Velez-Lopez Pronouns: She/Her  @sandras_sports_shots and @number1_soccer_mom Sentiments to live by: I shoot because I love it, not because I have to.  What’s your favorite soccer memory?  The first time I took my family to watch the USWNT play. It was particularly special to us because the match was USA vs. Mexico and […]


Develop personally and professionally by reading our industry tips and meet some of the WIS squad in our member spotlights. Industry Tips Practice Inclusivity On and Off the Pitch Learn from the Experts: Writing Children’s Books FT My Mummy is a Footballer Reflections from Pro Player Sam Johnson Member Spotlights Meet Courtney Levinsohn – WIS […]

Member Spotlight: Meet Erica

Name: Erica Harris Pronouns: She/Hers  Position: Founder and Chief Purpose Coach for PurposeFULL Seed Catchphrase: I don’t have your answers, but I do have the questions that will lead you to the answers within you! What’s your favorite soccer memory? Brandi Chastain’s penalty kick in the 1999 World Cup is definitely one that is etched […]

Member Spotlight: Meet Tracy

Name: Tracy Hamm UC Davis women’s soccer head coach and star of the movie Coach Pronouns: She/her  Sentiments to live by: How you do anything is how you do everything.  What’s your favorite soccer memory?  Oh, I can’t pick just one so I’ll say my entire senior year at Cal. My team and I had […]

Member Spotlight: Meet Cari

What’s your favorite soccer memory?  It was in 1999 when I was at summer camp and our soccer coach let us skip practice to watch the FIFA Women’s World Cup final. This was a big deal—it was sleepaway camp, so TV wasn’t usually allowed. It was a really vivid memory for me, watching the match […]

Swapping Kits With Dre — Satara Murray

We are so stoked to bring you more from the hilarious host who fueled the WIS launch party, Andrea Pilar! Andrea leads the series “Swapping Kits with Dre” and will befriend every soccer star in the industry so our members can get an unguarded, behind-the-scenes look at their success. This week, we’re celebrating Satara Murray, […]

A lack of understanding of ourselves and others can lead to real problems in a team setting. Differences aren’t bad they’re just differences and the DISC assessment will help you understand how to bring out the best in everyone in your squad. The WIS crew had so much fun learning about DISC with head coach […]

Member Spotlight: Meet Carrie

Name: Carrie Taylor  Pronouns: She/hers   Sentiments to live by: Try to walk the walk  What’s your favorite soccer memory?  Oh, a really special one was in my junior year when my teammates and I went to Acapulco. We were just walking along the beach as a squad and came across a group of local men […]

How Do I Get Into That? — Podcasting

Recognize this week’s contributor?  In this episode, WIS launch party host Andrea Pilar teaches members how to start their own podcast.  As a Colombian-American, Andrea was tired of soccer media not representing her community. She took matters into her own hands and began her own hilarious soccer pod series. As we know, media coverage of […]

Member Spotlight: Meet Aries

Name: Aries Pickett, Sr. Manager, Talent & Administration at the @NWSL Pronouns: She/her Words to live by: The only person you want to be better than is the person you were yesterday. What’s your favorite soccer memory? I first started at the NWSL in June 2019 and the World Cup was well underway. One of my […]

HOW DO I GET INTO THAT? — Coffee & Progress As Candice explains, “Coffee & Progress” events are simple and create collaborative safe spaces for people to come together and work towards a meaningful goal. WIS is here not only to give you ideas but to give you the tools to execute them. Take advantage […]

Member Spotlight: Meet Alyse

Name Alyse LaHue @alahue, General Manager of Sky Blue FC @SkyBlueFC @NWSL Pronouns: She/her  Value to live by: Community! “Community” is a perfect word to kick off this interview because that’s exactly what the WIS network is all about. Can you tell us what’s your favorite soccer memory? A recent one that stands out for […]

The WIS community is proud to promote the world’s game as a unifying force for mutual respect and understanding.  In episode 4, our incredible panelists break down the importance of representing diverse voices in soccer culture and how we as individuals and organizations can take action to support this. A huge thanks to Expert Members […]

Member Spotlight: Meet Maggie

Maggie Ntim  @maggie.ntim @AgentMaggieNtim Founder of Trinity 3 Agency (@trinity3agency) a soccer representation agency and experiential events company Pronouns: She/her/hers Catchphrase/mantra/word Break down doors and shatter glass ceilings!  What’s your favorite soccer memory? The 2019 Women’s World Cup. I was in France working at the event and the atmosphere was everything! I got to spend time […]

We’re back on How Do I Get Into That? with a twist. Founder Courtney Carroll Levinsohn gives us a taste of what has kept her and her family going throughout this year. Get ready for the guest appearances by none other than Courtney’s boys, Brady and Cooper. Tell us in the comments below what has […]

Member Spotlight

Member Spotlight: Meet Keidane

Name: Keidane McAlpine Pronouns: he/him/his Sentiments he lives by: I coach people, not a sport. I want to try and provide consistency and a strong foundation of love and unconditional support for the people I coach. I love that sentiment—it’s beautiful! It’s such a great way to think about coaching. Can you tell us about […]

How Do I Get Into That? – Soccer Agents

Welcome to our latest series, How Do I Get Into That?. You’ll get snippets from Experts on getting into their respective field. In this panel, WIS Expert Member, Board Member and soccer agent extraordinaire, Maggie Ntim, explains why “agents are imperative for women in the sport.” We love the WIS double team here since our […]

Member Spotlight: Meet Yewande

Yewande Balogun @yewandeful Assistant coach with UC Davis women’s soccer Pronouns: She/her/hers   Motto: “You either win or you learn; you only lose when you stop moving.” What’s your favorite soccer memory?  Oh, that’s gotta be the first time my team Maryland beat UNC on their home turf! It was so special to me since I […]

Reflections from Pro Player Sam Johnson

A special message of reflection from our founding Expert Member, Samantha Johnson, a former Utah Royals FC player and current Melbourne City FC player who wanted to be with us live at launch. What was the hardest shift for you in 2020? I found it very difficult to witness the lack of ears willing to […]


In less than a month, a Federal law will take effect that will impact many organizations that do business in the U.S. – the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA).  The CTA is designed to capture information on each entity, its beneficial owners, and those persons who file or direct the filing for the formation of the […]