Lisa, can you tell us about SoccerEX and why it was important to you to be there

SoccerEx is a global soccer networking event providing leading soccer professionals with a platform to strengthen business relationships that will enhance the game. At this year’s event, there were a lot of unforgettable moments for me! I think doing a live radio interview with David Gómez Llinás of W Radio Colombia, right in front of The Wellness Universe booth, was definitely at the top of the list. The whole experience was significant because it was another opportunity to speak to a wide audience about wellness, mental health, youth mental health, and mental health in sports. All of these topics are very near and dear to my heart. 

Click here to listen to Lisa’s radio interview live from SoccerEX.

You participated as an expert panelist. What work and initiatives were you showcasing to other industry leaders at SoccerEX? 

I participated in the panel “Transforming Mindset Through Culture Rehab,” and emphasized patience, perseverance, and personal stories as powerful tools for empowerment. We can all cultivate a workplace culture that values well-being and inclusivity by addressing corporate challenges at their roots and redefining success through a new mental health perspective.

How important is it to have more women and other marginalized individuals represented at industry events like SoccerEX?

It’s extremely important! The representation and visibility of women in sports is essential to moving our industry forward. Walking around the expo was a reminder of how few women were there; I’d say about 10-15%. If you also break it down to women of color, even fewer. But I also know this is more than last year’s Soccerex, and I KNOW there will be more in attendance and panels next year.

What was your main takeaway from the event?

Anna Pereira, chairwoman of Soul Ventures, summed up the whole experience in this excellent post. What was key was that SoccerEX 23 was not just about the business side of soccer but also about transforming mindsets and embracing holistic wellness. Everyone deserves to be well, from leaders to owners and CEOs to the players and kit person. We’re trying to normalize that process. 

Thanks for sharing your SoccerEX experience with the squad!

  • Lisa is the CEO & founder of AthMindset, which provides unique support for athletes’ mental well-being through the understanding that sport is a part of their identity.