Reflections from Pro Player Sam Johnson

A special message of reflection from our founding Expert Member, Samantha Johnson, a former Utah Royals FC player and current Melbourne City FC player who wanted to be with us live at launch.

What was the hardest shift for you in 2020?

I found it very difficult to witness the lack of ears willing to listen and understand the cultural narrative. It was interesting to see how many people did not want to acknowledge their need to be and do better for their communities. In a way, I’m glad that through navigating Covid the ugly racial issues in our country came to light because now we can really strategize to become one nation again.

What are two tips you have for the network on getting through the remainder of this pandemic/handling intense transitions of stress?

I encourage people to always take time for self-care and always put themselves first emotionally and mentally. It’s important we take care of ourselves so we can be a resource for others. The holidays and this time of year can be a vulnerable time for people. 

What is one organization you’d like to promote to the WIS community?

I would love to highlight America SCORES.

They are a national organization that is close to my heart. I’m a board member of our Chicago market. The work America SCORES does for communities across the nation is critical for our families and their kids. I love that we combine soccer and poetry as the main part of our programming. It really enables our youth to tap into a fitness mentality and a creative mentality all at once. It’s very unique and the impact is generational.

  • Courtney Carroll (she/her)
    Courtney Carroll (she/her)
    2 years ago

    Dear Sam, thank you for giving us this insight into your mindset and for sharing the depth of your empathy. When our strongest role models give us a glimpse into their vulnerability like you have it, a powerful message in support of mental health is sent out across the universe.