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Member Spotlight: Meet Keidane

Name: Keidane McAlpine

Pronouns: he/him/his

Sentiments he lives by: I coach people, not a sport. I want to try and provide consistency and a strong foundation of love and unconditional support for the people I coach.

I love that sentiment—it’s beautiful! It’s such a great way to think about coaching. Can you tell us about your favorite soccer memory?

Wow…there’s a lot to choose from! Obviously, the Trojans winning the 2016 NCAA title was one. It was so special because my associate head coach and I grew up together. And when I say grew up together, I legitimately mean we’ve known each other since preschool. We’d spent a lifetime trying different coaching techniques with the goal of finding the very best way to approach the game. That win was the culmination of all of that dreaming. We both could finally say, “Alright, this is real. We pulled this off.”

That must have been such a huge moment for both of you! What do you think is the greatest thing about women’s soccer?

Everything! (Laughs) What I love most about the women’s game is that it’s not complete. If you watch the most talented women’s players and see their willingness now to take on more in terms of individual dribbling and skill-work, you can see how much the game has evolved. Still, I feel like we haven’t completely tapped into the highest creative potential of the women’s game. I mean it’s not even reached its peak and look how fabulous it is!

I can’t wait for leaders like you to help it evolve. What inspires you when things are tough?

I lean on my faith as a foundation for me. When times are tough, I also remind myself that as an ally and advocate of the women’s game, my job is to make the space better than I found it. As long as I am able to do that, I think the shockwaves will start from there.

As a WIS ally, how do you empower women?

In moments where I have the ability to speak up against inequity, I speak up. If there’s a moment where you know speaking up can push someone into a job, or encourage them to get a better salary, then you have to do it. Also, if the moment requires me to simply lend an ear, I will try and do that. If I can acknowledge, elevate, defend, or speak up for women in any space, I’m going to do it.

You’re also on our board, so we know you’re committed, Keidane! What gets you excited about WIS?

It’s the connection piece, on all levels. It’s bringing in different types of people in different types of jobs—coaching, marketing, athletic training, nonprofit work—and it’s tying all of these components of soccer together in a single space. You usually only see one face for every job—and that’s “white male.” The WIS community is a network that is actively working to change that. As an ally, I feel that there’s a responsibility for men to join the fight and help ensure that all types of women can experience a positive soccer culture. 

WIS member spotlights are conducted and written by our content producer Pip Penman.

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