What’s The Cost of an Inclusive Investment Model?

This month during a special edition of Brandi’s Corner hosted at Beyond Soccer, the Beyond Sport event we dove into how to push for positive change in the investment game.

Tune in to learn all about being an investor in soccer with Chicago Red Stars owner Sarah Spain, Lewes FC’s Maggie Murphy, and former USWNT player Danielle Slaton and NWSL investor. Watch here. (This link starts at Brandi’s Corner segment; you’re welcome to listen to the entire Beyond Soccer event)


“We take ourselves out of the equation before we give ourselves a shot. We can’t believe lies about not being good enough. We give women $1, men $10 & ask why women don’t succeed. We need to think differently. It’s why I became an investor in Chicago Red Stars“- Sarah Spain

“Football has been an incredibly toxic place to be. Governance is the most important piece to me. I don’t want to work to someone else’s KPIs. We decide what success looks like and that comes down to who makes the decisions.” Maggie Murphy Lewes FC.

“Why not me? I have a bigger role to play. I feel like a lot of women and marginalized people are also starting to find their voice. It’s been a huge inspiration to see those that have come before me in this space so I’m going to be a role model for the next generation.” – Former USWNT player Danielle Slaton, sports analyst and NWSL franchise, investor.

And our beloved host championed a collective inclusive spirit for women owners of all kinds:

“Changing cultural models is something we MUST do. Open perspectives on how things can look in the future. We’ve been pigeonholed into the belief that things have to be done a certain way, look like a certain person. Different ideas are needed.” – Brandi Chastain.


We love our community’s commitment to equity and we ask for you to continue to call us in so that together we can create a soccer culture that supports everyone. We want to ensure our panels and events always represent the diversity at the heart of the world’s game and in the investment space BIPOC women face even further marginalization. Please check out and consider a donation to these amazing organizations supporting BIPOC in their investment initiatives: Financial Gym, Fearless Fund, Back Stage Captial, and Women2.0.