How Do I Get Into That? — Coffee & Progress

HOW DO I GET INTO THAT? — Coffee & Progress

As Candice explains, “Coffee & Progress” events are simple and create collaborative safe spaces for people to come together and work towards a meaningful goal. WIS is here not only to give you ideas but to give you the tools to execute them. Take advantage of the connecting you can do directly from the playercards within the member directory and on Slack to start a coffee & progress of your own!

Using WIS to start your OWN coffee & progress:

  1. Login to Scroll down to the Member Directory on the community page.
  2. Find your people by using the filters on the left that you want to “coffee & progress” with; you can search for USWNT and maybe get a group of USWNT fans coffeeing & progressing. 😉
  3. Send them a message directly through their playercard (click on the playercard to open this option), or find them in Slack and send them a DM!

A bolder route: send a message inside of one of our Slack channels about the coffee & progress you have planned and share a mass invite. But, follow Candice’s steps so the event you’re organizing is thoughtful and worthwhile for everyone attending.
Looking for tips on how to remain inclusive during a session like this? Check out our WIS Tips on Inclusivity in our welcome letter; we have plenty of insight for you to leverage.