Black and White Graphic with images of the starting XI lineup Women in Soccer is profiling in their World Cup campaign. Including graphics of soccer balls and a green square in the center that reads “WWC 2023 Starting XI Behind the Teams: Exclusive industry access to what it takes to put teams on soccer's biggest stage.


The 2023 Women’s World Cup will be one of the most significant events in women’s sports history, and our WWC 2023 Starting XI Behind The Teams campaign will shine a spotlight on the industry leaders whose work makes it all possible. Through interviews and social media highlights, we’ll give you exclusive access to what it takes to put teams on soccer’s biggest stage. Our starting XI squad will showcase a range of industry positions, and each trailblazer will offer the WIS squad professional advice to encourage members to get after careers in the beautiful game. From coaching to activism, social media, and beyond – what are YOU bringing to the next World Cup?

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  1. Head Coach – Pia Sundhage, Brazil Women’s National Football Team
  2. Fan Engagement – Fatima Flores, Matildas Active Support
  3. Journalist – Tracey Savell Reavis, The Savell Group
  4. Content Producer – Jackie Gutierrez, Women Kick Balls
  5. Team Doctor – Dr. Mariah Bullock, Canadian Women’s National Team
  6. Data Analyst – Skye Reymond, U.S. Soccer Federation 
  7. Broadcaster – Melissa Ortiz, Warner Bros. Discovery Sports, TNT, MLS, & FOX
  8. Operations – Susie Dole-Hewitt, U.S. Soccer Federation
  9. Soccer for Social Impact – Sol Fauquier, Common Goal
  10. Designer –  Katelyn Krebsbach, U.S. Soccer Federation
  11. EA Sports Ambassador – Kacey Anderson, EA Sports

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