The United Soccer League (USL) is the largest and fastest-growing professional soccer organization in North America and has more than a decade of experience uniting people by bringing the world’s game to communities across the United States and Canada. The organization is built on a dynamic model of international soccer and counts more than 125 clubs in its membership.


The USL and WIS share the same drive to support all women in the game. Through partnering with our squad, the USL continues its commitment to close the gaps in the game for women by increasing access to the USL ecosystem and the professional development resources within the WIS community. WIS will work with the USL and its clubs to implement inclusive educational practices that will support women from all backgrounds, provide more opportunities to exercise allyship, and create accountability standards on equity, diversity, and inclusion.

“The USL’s partnership with Women In Soccer demonstrates the league’s understanding that in order to grow the game in the United States, systemic racism, gender bias and homophobia must be addressed,” said Courtney Carroll Levinsohn, Founder of Women In Soccer. “Together, we will shape soccer in America by collaborating on anti-discrimination initiatives, safe reporting policies and professional development efforts that ensure everyone can thrive in the game. The USL and WIS partnership celebrates the power of a community committed to creating an inclusive soccer culture.”


Women aspiring to join the professional landscape of soccer have already benefited from the partnership since USL Senior Vice President Lizzie Seedhouse and Vice President Rachel Bukszar were incredible guest speakers at our first annual career fair. Both women offered outstanding advice and support on different ways to approach careers in soccer. Lizzie’s contribution to supporting women in coaching positions can be rewatched here and Rachel’s workshop on resume and interview skills can be replayed here. The WIS & USL team are hyped and ready to work together to create a soccer industry that represents everyone who loves the game. 

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