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Black and White Graphic with images of the starting XI lineup Women in Soccer is profiling in their World Cup campaign. Including graphics of soccer balls and a green square in the center that reads “WWC 2023 Starting XI Behind the Teams: Exclusive industry access to what it takes to put teams on soccer's biggest stage.


The 2023 Women’s World Cup will be one of the most significant events in women’s sports history, and our WWC 2023 Starting XI Behind The Teams campaign will shine a spotlight on the industry leaders whose work makes it all possible. Through interviews and social media highlights, we’ll give you exclusive access to what it […]

In this advice series, WIS member and expert employment lawyer Susie Cirilli helps players, staff, and employers “stay onside” when it comes to employment law. Every month, Susie will tackle different topics in the soccer industry related to employment law and give our squad access to information and guidance for their careers in law and […]


As we discussed in the previous blog, Clubs must be well versed in the Collective Bargaining Agreements (CBA) and the Individual Player’s Contract when addressing employee (player) leave for childbirth, adoption, complications from pregnancy, and any other related scenarios. In addition to these documents, prudent organizations must consult any league handbooks and manuals. The next […]

What’s your favorite soccer memory?  As a 5’1” defensive midfielder during all of my soccer career, I was never much of a goal scorer. As a collegiate player at Austin College, I scored a header off of a corner kick and it always reminds me of the limitless possibilities of soccer. What do you think […]

Name: Haleigh Svede Pronouns: She/herPostion: Seton Hall University, Women’s Soccer, Director of Soccer Operations and Head Coach at Berkshire Soccer Academy Catchphrase: Be kind. Work hard.  What’s your favorite soccer memory? I have a compilation of so many playing, coaching, and fandoming (is that a word?) moments in my soccer life/world. The biggest ones that stick […]


What’s your favorite soccer memory?  My favorite soccer memory would have to be when I was around eight years old and got to tag along with my mom to Nike during ‘take your daughter to work day’ (that is how old I am). During this particular ‘take your daughter to work day’ the programming ended […]


Women in Soccer created the Changemakers Awards alongside the USL to give women and individuals from underrepresented gender identities the recognition they deserve for their incredible impact on soccer culture and the industry as a whole. Hundreds of nominations and votes were submitted — a badass showcase of the many trailblazers out there making a […]

WIS squad, we need all United Soccer Coaches members to get behind 2023 Board of Directors candidate Sarah Dwyer-Shick. Sarah brings so much to the WIS network and we have no doubt she’ll make a fantastic candidate. WIS Founder Courtney Carroll Levinsohn explains why Sarah deserves your vote: “It is with tremendous pride we endorse […]


The WIS Career Fair 2022 was an incredible day for connecting industry changemakers, getting women and marginalized individuals hired, as well as showcasing all the ways you can make a difference in soccer by working in the game! Every WIS member represents an inclusive, forward-thinking future for the soccer industry and we’re stoked you’re here […]