Squad, we’re doing an overhaul of our Slack channels to help minimize confusion and maximize engagement! These changes are going live on Friday, October 1, 2021.

Here’s what’s changing:

ALL of the channels are being archived EXCEPT the following three:

  • #general – this will remain a WIS Admin posting only channel.
  • #random – this will remain open for all members to post.
  • #welcome-to-wis – this will remain open for all members to post.

We are adding 4 new channels to streamline sharing and communicating on WIS Slack. Say hello to your 4 new channels:

  1. #ask-or-share – here’s where you can pose any questions about anything or share any details about your latest projects, business endeavors, epic game experiences.
  2. #events – here’s where you can share any invitations to upcoming workshops, seminars, or in-person events.
  3. #jobs – here’s where you can share any new job openings or find WIS job openings that are on the jobs board.
  4. #watch – here’s where you can share specific videos, game highlights, or TikToks and where we can share upcoming games to have on your calendar to watch.

Every other channel in the WIS Slack workspace that is not listed above will be archived. We will work to move over content that has been previously shared into the relevant remaining and new channels.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected] with any questions.