Dive into our WIS videos filled with expert advice from members who work in and around the game.


Brandi’s Corner is a monthly virtual workshop where Brandi Chastain leads an honest, productive conversation around a specific topic. Brandi wants to learn as much as she shares, so each session is interactive, educational, and entertaining. It’s a relaxed and candid setting, so put on your comfy pants and join us!

Brandi’s Corner #1 – Becky Burleigh and the DISC Assessment

Brandi’s Corner #2 – Talking Change with Crystal Dunn & Erica Harris

Brandi’s Corner #3 Women’s History Month

Brandi’s Corner #4 Empowering Women In Male Dominated Industries

Brandi’s Corner #5 Women in Journalism

Brandi’s Corner Series Highlights


WIS events are always dynamic and filled with the industry’s leading experts so if you missed any of them or what to re-watch something you found particularly inspiring we’ve got you covered!

Career Fair Part 1: Advocacy for Women Coaching in the Game

Career Fair Part 2: Realities of Management in the Game: The NWSL, The USL, and the MLS

Career Fair Part 3: Working For A Top-Tier Club On The Field & Off with Arianna Criscione

Career Fair Part 4: A Talk On Design: It’s Role In Sports & Changing Cultural Norms; Resume Building & Interviewing 101

Learning From Experts: Writing Children’s Books ft. “My Mummy Is A Footballer”

Increasing Marketability And Opportunities For Women

A Post-Screening Talk With Playing For Peace Director Arielle Sabol And Filmmaker Allison Berg


WIS WINS are our way of saying, “Hey Members, you’re crushing it!” And for you to see the amazing impact the network is having on women in and around the game.

Job Hat Trick Alert – Andrea Pilar

Swapping Kits with DRE

We are so stoked to bring you more from the hilarious host who fueled the WIS launch party, Andrea Pilar! Andrea leads the series “Swapping Kits with Dre” and will befriend every soccer star in the industry so our members can get an unguarded, behind-the-scenes look at their success.

Episode 1: Satara Murray

Episode 2: Soccer Grl Problems

Episode 3: Find Your Football

Episode 4: Gotham F.C GM, Alyse LaHue

Episode 5: Kassie Gray – Fem Footballers

Episode 6: Alejandra Martin

Episode 7: Luisa Meza – Former Professional Player + USSF Agent

Episode 8: Tiffany Fraser – Street Soccer USA

Episode 9: Maggie Ntim – Player Agent/Founding WIS Board Member

Episode 10: Rachel Breton – Former Gotham FC Player

Episode 11: Taylor Wells Maberry – Her Work For The MLS & The Need For Diversity In The Game

Episode 12: Melissa Ortiz -Columbian National Team Player

Episode 13: Alexandra Keaney – Technical Director & Former Everton Player

Episode 14: Stephanie Yang – Journalist

Episode 15: Danielle Acton – Social Media Manager, Atlantic City FC

Episode 16: Meg Linehan – Author, Football Journalist at The Athletic

Episode 17: Becky Tweed – Assistant Coach, Gotham FC

How Do I Get Into That?

WIS members are trailblazers who excel in so many areas of the soccer industry as well as in their own personal lives. Our “How Do I Get Into That” series gives you bite sized lessons on a variety of topics. You got this!

How Do I Get Into That? – Promoting Diversity in Soccer

How Do I Get Into that? – Soccer Agents

How Do I Get Into That – Exploring Behavior Traits with DISC

How Do I Get Into That? — Podcasting

How Do I Get Into That? Soccer Coaching After Injury

How Do I Get Into That-Creating A DEI Program

How Do I Get Into That – Preseason Prep (Covid Style)

How Do I Get Into That – Energy Therapy and Mindfulness

How Do I Get Into That – Human Resources

How Do I Get Into That – Coffee And Progress