Corinne Counsell Playercard, with three stats on using the WIS Network, a quote from corinne: ""Women in Soccer originally made me realize, oh, I could actually work in soccer. Plus, I think the way in which WIS communicates to prospective 'women in soccer' candidates helped me envision a career in soccer for myself, aligned with my values." and the words WIS WINS


We have a WIS Win! A “WIS Win” is a celebration of something successful that happened to you in the network or as a result of this incredible community.

As a network we prioritize access and opportunities for our members, especially when it comes to professional development opportunities. And we believe celebrating wins not only helps us celebrate YOU with the squad, it encourages others to earn and celebrate their own WIS WINS.

Corrine Counsell – partner marketing manager, NJ/NY Gotham FC

This is Corinne’s first time working in soccer. She shared with us when we asked how WIS helped her break into the industry,

“I attended the WIS Career Fair 2022 on April 20, which was generally helpful for getting the lay of the land and feel for what kinds of opportunities exist and at which companies and organizations [in the soccer industry].”

Corinne also met a recruiter at the event that supported her application for another position, and helped her get to the final round of interviews. Ultimately, Corinne did not end up getting that first position, but it was the start of her job search in the industry. 

One of our goals is to continue to support individuals who have historically not seen themselves in the game and help them understand what it can look like to work in soccer, outside of being a player on the field or a coach on the sidelines. We believe this game is for YOU. And we will continue to work with candidates, leagues and clubs to make that a reality.

Today, Corinne is excited to be working with the NJ/NY Gotham F.C. team and is looking forward to 2023.