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At the 2024 WIS Career Fair, we hosted our first-ever coaching-specific career events. Throughout events, you heard from trailblazing coaches and met with recruiters eager to hire WIS members for their squads. Keep leveling up your professional game by diving into this multi-media 2024 Career Fair for Coaches Toolkit. You’ll find everything from event panel […]

An issue that all businesses must always grapple with, is classifying the individuals performing work. Generally, there are two (2) types of individuals performing work: (1) Independent Contractors (1099) and (2) Employees (W-2). Some businesses see independent contractors as a beneficial classification for many reasons, namely the business does not have to pay employment taxes […]

Hey squad, huddle in and join us in giving the warmest welcome to Grace Ahrens, our newest addition to the WIS HQ family! We’re thrilled to announce Grace as the Executive Director of Women in Soccer, where she’s now your go-to teammate for everything concerning the daily running of our network. Whether you have questions […]


In less than a month, a Federal law will take effect that will impact many organizations that do business in the U.S. – the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA).  The CTA is designed to capture information on each entity, its beneficial owners, and those persons who file or direct the filing for the formation of the […]


Lisa, can you tell us about SoccerEX and why it was important to you to be there?  SoccerEx is a global soccer networking event providing leading soccer professionals with a platform to strengthen business relationships that will enhance the game. At this year’s event, there were a lot of unforgettable moments for me! I think […]


“Tough Coaches” at the professional level or college level garner reputations on their own. As sports become more professional and retain a formal structure, it is essential for clubs to understand the line between a “tough coach” and a “hostile work environment.”  HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT BASICS Elements As always, let’s begin with the basics. In […]

Equal Pay is a consideration that affects all industries. Employers must ensure that their enterprise is organized and operating in accordance with the Equal Pay Act (EPA). This blog focuses on the professional sport arena – specifically soccer (translation “football”). Now, Equal Pay applies to all employees; however, this article discusses the specific issue of […]


Name: Michelle RaynerTeam: Lexington SCJob title: Women’s First Team Head Coach and Sporting Director What’s your favorite soccer memory? That’s a loaded question; there are so many to choose from, both on the playing and the coaching side! Playing memories would definitely be participating in the first Women’s World Cup in 1991 in China. Second to […]

Nombre: Kacey Anderson (Kacee)Pronombres: Ella/EllosPosición en la industria: Embajadora de EA Sports y Creadora de ContenidoRedes sociales: @CHI_Kacee en todas las plataformas ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de trabajar en el fútbol? Mi parte favorita de trabajar en el fútbol es la increíble comunidad que surge al apoyar este deporte. La naturaleza competitiva […]

Nombre: Katelyn KrebsbachPronombres: Ella/Ella Posición en la industria: Gerente de Marca / DiseñadoraOrganización/Equipo: Federación de fútbol de EE. UU. ¿Qué es lo que más te gusta de trabajar en el fútbol? Me encanta ser parte de un equipo. Jugué fútbol cuando era niña, así que siempre me ha gustado. Ahora puedo hablar sobre juegos en el […]